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Guide on how to provide correct measures when ordering custom OMNI-BOX storage products

How to interpret and give measures?

  • All measures should be given in millimetres.
  • Dimensions should be provided in the same order as on the product's page , below the construction scheme.
  • In case of enclosures for books and magazines, we take the stored object as a reference and assume that a book has height, length and width.
  • For constructions no. I, IIA, IIC, III you should provide size of the stored object and and not of the packaging.
  • For other constructions you should provide inner dimensions of the packaging including some reserve.
  • If you are limited by e.g. height of cabinet or bookcase, remember that external dimensions are bigger than internal size. For instance, in case of clamshell box the difference is 10 mm for A and B values and 3 mm for C.
  • You should take measures of the artefact precisely. Best would be to use Bookmeter – a measuring device, which we lend for free. In each case, you should note whether the object is symmetrical, if not, please add some additional reserve.
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